Sunday, Sunday Sunday

20 Jun

I thought I would get up early this morning and have plenty of time to go to the gym, get my nails done, relax and so many great things before I was supposed to meet some guy for coffee. Soon it was 11 a.m. and I was supposed to meet up with him at 2 on the opposite side of town. Opps! So instead of getting a pedicure I got a nail polish change.

It was actually a pretty annoying experience. I did actually have plenty of time to get a pedicure but when I walked in the owner said she could start in 10 minutes. Then, after 20 minutes passed she said I could start soaking my feet. Then I sat with my feet in the cold water for 20 minutes and I saw that the guy who would actually be giving me a pedicure was painting at a snail’s pace and he kept getting nail polish all over the girls’ toes.  I started getting frustrated because I knew I couldn’t wait for him to take an hour to do my toes and I didn’t want to be completely rude either and walk out. So I asked for a polish change and it still took him 20 minutes after starting. Plus I didn’t love any of the colors they had there so I chose a color I already had at home which is Elephantastic Pink by OPI. Sorry that was such a rant but come on! Just paint my nails! Grrr!!

I was in such a rush I had to leave in the little foam flip-flops!

Then I quickly got ready and was off to meet with this guy. Uhh, this guy. I dunno… I guess I should say something about who he is. He’s a professor and he is 53 and I don’t know what else. Since I broke up with the ex I didn’t think I would ever be able to date again, of course. So, as I started to feel a little better I thought I would do a little experiment with meeting people to see how I felt. I just wanted to meet someone to not be lonely with I guess. Not sure if that’s fair. I did enjoy talking to him and it was nice to talk to someone who was interested in photography and traveling. We sat for a while a drank some really good iced tea and then look around at a few galleries. It was very casual yet comfortable and I don’t know if I will ever talk to him again, maybe I will.

After not knowing why I was going to meet this guy or what it meant what it would become of it I headed over to my guilty pleasure store. MAC. Buying makeup to me is like binge eating. So I bought a lip balm, lip liner and lip gloss. All of which I love! I certainly didn’t need them though. I never do!

I purchased:

Life’s a breeze lipliner (from their To the Beach collection)

Petting Pink lip conditioner

Partial to Pink lip glass

Here I am wearing the lip glass and lip liner but instead of the tinted lip conditioner I am wearing a color-free lip conditioner. They both work amazingly well!

I just wanted to share one last thing, As I was walking to meet professor guy I stopped to take a photo of an ad that was posted.

What do you think about this post? I agree with the poster if you know you have a disease that is not curable and is easily transmitted I think it should be illegal to engage in sexual activity without disclosing this information. If there is proof that you knew you had herpes and had sex with partners and didn’t tell them I think you should be punished by fine and be responsible for medical cost. So many people have herpes out there date in your own pool! Bleh!

Please comment and tell me what you think about this flyer!  Would you do something like this if someone gave you herpes?


2 Responses to “Sunday, Sunday Sunday”

  1. Melissa June 30, 2010 at 11:04 pm #

    Hi Kristin
    I read your comment on Jenna’s blog and navigated to your blog
    I really liked it and found it very interesting. I think I will officially become your reader 😀
    And about the herpes poster. I think the guys is right to be pissed but he should know better and wear a condom if he is having intercourse with a person that he doesn’t know that well. Not entirely her fault

    Hope to read you around!

    • Miss Alone July 1, 2010 at 9:38 pm #

      I am so happy to have you as a reader! I would like to check out your blog too. Unfortunately, my spanish is not very good but I will keep trying back and hopefully I will pick some things up 🙂

      I don’t think the herpes situation was all her fault because I never feel bad for a guy who doesn’t protect himself but I personally feel it is very selfish to continue to have sex with men and not tell them you (as in she) have herpes. I know a guy like this who is actually an ex of mine and he contracted herpes after we were no longer together. He tried hooking up with me over a year later and I wouldn’t and then I later found out he had herpes and he was never going to tell me about it. He said he didn’t have an outbreak at the time so i would have been fine! I could have killed him! Good thing I learned a year earlier he wasn’t worth my time! Or my clean private parts!
      phew! Sorry such a long response!

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