Maine: If you give a moose a muffin

24 Jul

The reason I was in Maine was because one of my jobs is to take care of two children. This is probably all I will ever say about it but it does take up a large part of my life and it is why I was in Maine for July so I thought I might mention it. I am really good with children and I love these kids so it works.

I also mention it because I let one of the children do a project with me while we were there. I often let said child use my camera. I have two cameras a canon g9, and a canon 5d. The project was to let the child use my little G9 and make a portrait of me everyday.

I think the project turned out really well and in the end the child was a better photographer for it. Said child is 2.5 years old. I enjoy the photos from the beginning of our trip more because the angles are more interesting. As child got better at handling the camera, the photos just look a shakey adult took them.

At the end of our time there and after reading “If you give a moose a Muffin” for the one millionth time, I posted them on facebook and called the collection, “If you give a 2.5 year old your G9 they will probably ask to use your 5D”

Now, I will share them with you!

Walking on a non-existent balance beam.

At Jordan Pond, with the Bubbles (2 mountains) in the background

At a cocktail party in the fog.

Same cocktail party

My legs at Waterfall Bridge

Hunter's Beach Trail, doing a lunge

Hunter's Beach Trail

Seal Harbor

Taken with my 5D at my favorite breakfast spot, 2 Cats

More of my own photos to come!


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