Pretty Bird, Pretty Bird

24 Jul

Today I went to a graduation party for my best friend Kate’s little sister, Lauren. I didn’t know what to get her. I thought I would make her jello shots and buy her a bottle of Sambuca. The last time she had my jello shots though she started throwing chocolate chip cookies into the ceiling fan to “make it rain.” Scratch the jello shots!

So, My friend Laura picked me up and we ran over to Target quickly to see if we could find something for her. Laura was looking at candles or something for he apartment as a gift when she saw a candle holder shaped like a bird-cage and Laura said, ” I’ll get her a bird-cage.” I said, ” That’s it! I’ll get her a bird, of course!”

I was worried what my friend Kate might think, buying a bird from a pet store. I don’t condone it either actually but I started playing the conversation Kate and I would have after I gave her little sister a bird, “But Kate, if we could save just one bird, it is all worth it.” I thought she would definitely be pissed though! Haha Yikes!

I also broke my number one gift giving rule. Never give a pet as a gift! I learned this lesson when my childhood friend gave me a guinea pig for christmas. That was a nice gift and I would have taken care of it but we were just in sixth grade and while she had money to buy the guinea pig, I didn’t have money to buy it a cage. So, the guinea pig, Francesca, had to live in a shallow Tupperware container with very little light. Some of the hardest lessons we learn are at the expense of the little furry lives of others. Needless to say that little rodent didn’t live for very long.

Forgive me Francesca, we know not what we do. *silence*

Laura and I went to Monster Pets and I saw the bird I wanted to buy immediately. I told the sales associate and he said ok a blue parakeet. “NO! That blue parakeet! That one, right there with the flat face.” The man said, “Ok, but you can’t put the bird in the cage you have.” I had a cage in my hands. So, I asked, “Why not?” He replied, “It’s a hamster cage.” (I thought of Francesca at this very moment.)

“Well, I said, I guess I can really do whatever I want with the bird once I purchase it, can’t I?”

He looked worried for the bird after that. I thought it was rather funny. I often say outrageous things that are furthest from my truth.

So, anyway, I got all of these cute little things for the bird, a mirror, so the bird won’t be lonely, food and toys and as I was buying all of these things, (I put the hamster cage back by the way and picked a proper parakeet cage) I thought oh my goodness, what if she doesn’t like birds, what if she’s allergic or her lease won’t allow her to have a bird.  I thought for sure I would be bringing this bird back home with me to my three cats. Poor birdie.

I also got her a little parakeet book, and on the inside I wrote I hope you enjoy the 12-15 year bond you make with your budgie. Apparently, budgie is another name for parakeet.

When we got to the party and I was in the back seat with the bird so when my friend Kate walked up to give me a hug she asked if Laura was my driver and then she whispered is everything okay, why are you in the back seat. Haha. I thought this was all very funny, and I wish I had taken a photo of Lauren’s face when I handed her the parakeet book. It was priceless. She seemed so confused when I handed her the book and then I told her to read the inscription and I said, ‘Ill go get your bird.” She started cracking up laughing nervously and then I knew the bird wouldn’t be coming home with me. I was a little sad but very happy she liked the bird, whom she ended up naming Buca. You know, for Sambuca since I was originally just going to get her liquor!

Lauren, the proud Mother of one baby budgie

She is a lovely little bird 🙂

My best friend, Kate!


or as they would say in Columbia Laura.

Since, this post has been such a bittersweet one I will leave you with these last wise words.

As my 4th grade substitute teacher, Mrs. Bell,  would say, “Birds of a feather flock together, good and bad.”


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