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No worms for me!

8 Sep

After seeing four different doctors including dermatologists I found out that I did not have ringworm! I have something called pityriasis rosea. This condition is often mistaken for ringworm especially in the initial phase of it before the full rash comes in. I hate to say this but I think the doctors I saw didn’t want to listen to what I was saying since I told them I had already been diagnosed with ringworm. They heard that and didn’t want to think of anything else. I was pigeonholed as a paranoid patient and was pushed aside. This misdiagnosis has been making my life hell since July! I was¬†tired of cleaning the toilet seat every time I used the bathroom so I didn’t spread anything to my roommate, I constantly smelled of tea tree oil and the worrying was making me sick in the head. Even my very favorite doctor, my primary physician that I have been seeing since 2003 was annoyed with my paranoia. I feel slightly disappointed in him for showing his personal emotions to me over a medical condition I was coming to him with but he has helped me through far too many things to be upset forever and he is a very good Dr., a top doctor according to Philadelphia’s Top Doctors list so hopefully he wont slight me again ūüėČ ¬†…Moving right along.

So, I decided to leave Center City doctors and see a good old South Philly doctor who had time for me and I have made her my new dermatologist. Sorry, Jefferson Dermatology Associates, you are without me!

This is the herald spot that started this whole ringworm fiasco!

Herald spot, not ringworm. Phew!


Can you believe this?

So the new Dermatologist tells me there isn’t much information on this pityriasis rosea and no one really understands why but the only thing that helps it go away is sunlight. Weird.. so I say well that’s not going to work, I live in the city and pityriasis concentrates on your trunk, sometimes limbs but almost never your face. Where am I gonna get sun on my trunk in the city?

OH! That’s right… Hawaii has sunlight! and the countdown to Hawaii begins! 9 days to Hawaii!

I will be gone for 7 days and the reason I am going… is to do the Maui Marathon! hahahahah! This is funny because I am not a runner by any means and I did start training back when my two friends and I decided to do this and I was training. It was going well… and then I stopped. Basically I am not prepared and super scared to get injured and overall I think this is a bad idea. We shall see what happens.

On another note, I am really excited about this guy that I met last week. I haven’t said anything about him because I am not sure what to say or what I will ever say. I don’t know if it will go anywhere or what will happen but I feel like a small, excited, child… with a balloon. This is exactly how I have wanted to feel and one day… I will reveal to you all what that all means. Especially the feeling like a child part because this will come up often.

But for now all you shall know is that I want to feel like a small child with a balloon and the person making me feel that way is a Dr.


Song: 99 red balloons, Goldfinger





I got worms!

23 Jul

Hah! I think that is from Joe Dirt. I am back from Maine. I was hoping to be posting regularly while I was there and as you can see that didn’t work out very well. I am going to break my Maine happenings down into a few posts but for now I wanted to talk about something else.

I have ringworm. On my breast no less! ¬†Ehh, gross. Right? Well, yes, that is gross but guess what I thought I had… Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I know you probably think I am jumping the gun but I am a bit of a paranoid person and even though I have just a red spot on my right breast as big as a quarter, I have had it for a month and at first thought it was just some dry skin. So, yesterday I get back from Maine and I decide I should have it looked at. Ok, so I have ringworm on my breast. That’s weird. I did use a public shower though and I try to never ever do that. Ringworm is not so bad though out of all of the things that I could contract, right?

So, what do you care about ringworm? You don’t. Well, you may but let’s talk about breast cancer instead.

Many people have never heard of¬†Inflammatory Breast Cancer.¬†¬†It is important to learn about this type of cancer if you don’t already know because it doesn’t have the same warning signs we are told to watch for. Most women are taught to do self breast exams and check for lumps. With¬†inflammatory¬†breast cancer there is no mass. Some symptoms could be redness, swelling, sensation of warmth and tenderness.

I am not in the medical field at all so I am not going to pretend that I can educate you properly on this but I urge you to look into it yourself if you don’t already know about it or ask your doctor. ¬†It is a very aggressive form of cancer and is often mistaken for contact dermatitis. So, you could think you are having an allergic reaction to something here you may have breast cancer. I know it is not that simple, but I also know there are people who put there health and well being on the back burner and I urge you not to do that. I just thought I would put this out there since this is what was going through my head while I was trying to work and hike in Maine.

Yeah, ringworm is not so glamorous but at least I know I can treat it with some cream. I thought the redness, itching and aching was the beginning of IBC and now I know that it is not.



Comparison of conditions

I hope this is not to graphic for all of you out there in reader land and I hope that bringing this up will help educate some people out there who have never heard of it.

Now that I have posted that I guess I will go to the pharmacy and pick up my cream.

Also, at some point I should talk about how I don’t want to get diabetes and what I should do about that ūüė¶