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Constants aren’t so…

15 Aug

…Constant anymore.

Yesterday I wished I was hospitalized. I just had that kind of day where I wished I was being taken care of. I needed a lot of care. I spent the morning thinking about how Sugar braided my hair in the hospital last August. I was there to have my gallbladder removed.  I feel like being a baby right now. Ehh…

Here I am waiting and waiting for pain medication and waiting to get my gallbladder out of me!



On the day of my surgery he seemed really nervous. He visited me before I went into surgery but didn’t hang around while I was in there. He kept calling and calling to see if I was out of surgery but I was in there for a long time. I also woke up at the end of surgery while the tube thingy was still down my throat and I started gagging.

I like this photo a lot because I think I kind of  look like myself as a little girl . Which, was the mood I was in then and the mood I am in today. So just hospitalize me why don’t ya!