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Letters from a stalker

1 Sep

Summer 2005 (hand written note)

it is incredible of how your precious smile projects a lots of energy on a person_

(“especial on a person like me”)

nobody could predict the future but anybody could imagine. and always with a good aura

at this time you are a person that I am going to wish for a great success.

buena suerte en todo

good luck on everything..

it is an honor for a guy like me to make a white girl happy.

A special white girl like you.

March 1 at 7:14pm

hello pretty lady.. im the guy from the park!! mexican!!

i always dreamed to be with you at some point while alive..
so my dream goes on still
because im very well alive..
how things are going with you??

March 21 at 12:40pm

Hello sweet and beautiful girl

hola.. this is me julio the mexican guy..
the rittenhouse square park!!!
do you remember now?

i always though of you being a natural beauty..
just wondering how has been going everything with you..
adios mamita caliente..

your always the most loyal of your admirators

April 9 at 3:46pm

love the hat and of course love the fact of your beautiful looks

hello kristin
im julio the mexican guy from norristown
just wondering about you
and of course thanking you for the times you make me feel good by talking to you
wish of course to see you again
in the mean while i want to wish you for one great and beautiful weekend ok..

adios hot amazing mamita..

June 22 at 8:07pm

wish you haven’t forgotten me…

so how life has been with you hot mami???

June 22 at 7:59 pm

<<<<>>>> hola hot mami.. im julio the mexican guy!!!!!!!!

remember me im the guy who did fail for you at the rittenhose park in philly..
always wonder about your beautiful big breast i always
though how sexy and beautiful did look on you..
adios you are always looking great

take care hot mami

August 26 at 4:13pm

hola como estsa.. remember me????

wonder why life hasn`t had bring me close to your heart..
you always be the beautiful girl that my heart feel happy with..

Apparently after 5 years this guy remembers me and apparently he knew my last name or found me somehow on facebook. Creepy!


I am not a terrorist-I am just on my way to Maine

1 Jul

Despite what a Walmart sales associate once concluded based on my purchase of a 100 ft tarp, two different sized shot gun shells, and my requesting amonia, I am not a terrorist. Having said that, do not wake me up to show me the George Washington bridge! I am from northern New Jersey not from the an Al-Qaidaesque military group  so why would I be interested in New York City landmarks? I am not! So, please do not wake me up at 5:30 a.m. to show me this?  If you were my father and woke me up to say, ” There’s the river kids,” and be talking about the Delaware I would be ok with that because I miss my Dad but I do not miss New York. I was working in New York and traveling by China Town bus everyday and taking the subway to the Upper West Side when I had a mental break down. I would like to give New York another try one day. Just not today.

Anyway, I was in that car today going over the GW Bridge because I was on my way to Maine, which is where I am now! I will be working here for the month of July so expect to see some pretty awesome pictures of moose, blueberries, and ferry boats!

To get you started here is the view from the house I am staying at:

I never hiked before in my life until I worked here two years ago. Before that experience I thought there was not a single wooded area in this country that I liked. If you ask me today I will still tell you I hate deciduous forests but I do like Maine at least where I am staying in Maine. It smells like cool crisp pine trees, there is really good lobster roll, even though I won’t be having any this year because I became a vegetarian in the beginning of February (after finding my cat Sergeant with a smashed in face and the vet telling me that someone must have deliberately hit him in the face with a blunt object to cause the damage he had 😦 ) There are also a lot of great local beers, local farming and really kind people here!

By the way it is 60 degrees here. Brrr! Philadelphia has been having more Florida-like weather lately and I was not prepared for this cool pine weather. I can’t tell you the importance of  the smell and feeling of a cold pine tree. I will try in the future though, after I spend a few more days with them.

“Shiver for me.”