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Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound

12 Aug

I’m having a Kentucky whiskey kind of night, NOT to be confused with a Tennessee whiskey kind of night because we all know those nights ended in highschool. I’m really not drinking any whiskey because a few shots of Kentucky whiskey makes me think I should have some Irish whiskey and then you know what I think don’t you, THAT I CAN DO ANYTHING. You might be thinking by now that I am an alcoholic and I would have to say, “Not anymore.”

It’s true, I am listening to Dixieland Mix on Itunes but I’m not drunk. In fact I gave up all liquor on Jan 4, 2010.

I did really well all night, that night. It was mine and my roommates sweater party. Do a little dancing like Barack Obama to Biggie Smalls, drink a lil cider. Stop there. Only! I didn’t stop there, I went over to the bar across the street from my house with some of my peeps(I never really use this word) and I asked the bartender, Charlie, What do you have that goes down real smooth?” He said, “Nothing.” Great, I responded, Jameson it is.” ¬†Haha… uh oh!

I don’t know, maybe I had the equivalent of 9 shots? I can’t be sure because I can’t remember. This was the last black out night I will ever have, If I have anything to do with it. It actually is much cheaper this way because now that I don’t drink liquor three glasses of wine and I’m drunk!

So watch the progression of the night:

Doing a lunge, which happens to be my standard pose. haha

Doing a lunge, which is a fairly routine pose for me.

That’s a fierce cheek kiss! Dang it, I don’t mess around!

When I woke up the next morning and finally found, my camera, my phone and my credit card one by one I then turned on my camera and this was the very last photo from the night.

My friends said they had to pull me outta there shortly after I started my 80’s dance moves and then got on top of the bar. What?

So moral of the story, Liquor is no friend of mine, UNLESS! I am playing the fool!

The next day was one of the hardest days to stay awake ever! Which truly sucked because the ex, Sugar, had gotten us tickets to see one of my favorite performances put on by a chinese dance theater. Look how I cleaned up though!

We are outside of one of our favorite restaurants at the time. Look how far apart we are standing… ehh

So finally, you may be wondering why I am having a whiskey night even though I am not drinking whskey or anything for that matter.

I didn’t have a wonderful day for some reason. I had a hard day at the doctor’s yesterday. He told me I do actually have to go get a colonoscopy this time. Don’t just say I’ll do it. Okay. My ringworm has gotten better in a way. The main spot is almost¬†gone, but there are about 20 other spots.

I think I may have something suppressing my immune system and that is the reason I can’t shake this fungus. Maybe it is just stress. Last week when I was talking to my Therapist she told me that in Chinese medicine, skin problems are due to grief. I accept that.

Today in therapy it was an interesting day. After seeing Therapist for 4 years, I sneezed in her office for the first time. I hold in my sneezes, you know what “they” say not to do because the pressure can damage your brain or some such nonsense. When she saw that I held in my sneeze she thought it was so telling and had perfect timing since we were talking about how I squash all of my passions including sexuality. Yes, Therapist.

I shouldn’t have talked about Eddie as an object early this morning. As just a mouth to kiss. He has squashed passions too I’m sure. He’s just as real as me. Maybe that’s the problem. I don’t want to be real. I want to be unreal. Fake. Beyond Fake.


And here is a message from one of my Dirty South remix.

“You better let somebody love you, before it’s too late.”

Is anyone out there reading this? Say hi whydontcha